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The results of the business staff researches are regularly published in the leading technical and medical Russian magazines, such as «Vacuum technique and technology», «Medical physics», «St. Petersburg electronics magazine», «Medical technique».

Our workers regularly give talks at the international conferences and symposiums («Nevskiy radiological forum», «Medtech» and others).

X-ray tubes for projection X-ray radiography of new generation

This article presents the results of research in the field of creation of basic elements of high-voltage components for projection radiography. (open)

Specific features and physicotechnical conditions of X-Ray imaging using the PARDUS-Stoma apparatus

The article shows that use of the X-ray complex "PARDUS-Stoma" in a usual dental office according to the current standards for X-diagnostic "from the hand" ensures to keep a laboratory assistant in conditions that are safe not only for the personnel of A category but for all population. (open)

Portable X-Ray apparatuses for dentistry and maxillofacial surgery

This article contains information about portable X-Ray apparatuses for dentistry and maxillofacial surgery and the main characteristics of these apparatuses. (open)

Effect of X-Ray tube focal spot size on radiovisiograph resolution

The goal of this work was to discuss recent information available from international sources indicating that X-ray focal spot size has an effect on the quality of images obtained using radiovisiographs. (open)

Mobile complex "PARDUS-Stoma" for X-ray diagnostics

There is a description of the radiodiagnostical microfocus complex "PARDUS-Stoma" intended for the taking of direct X-ray images of dentition parts during diagnostic in stomatology and oral surgery. (open)

The specialties of microfocus radiography in medical diagnostic

There are data in the article confirming that the complexes with microfocus tubes have the same sharpness of shots as other complexes but they make possible to take X-images of organs containing small structures with lesser radiation doses. Besides this they have the same radiation dose in receiver surface as other systems but microfocus complexes ensure higher quality of the image. (open)

The complex for foodstuffs quality control

The article shows ample opportunities for microfocus X-ray diagnosis in food industry and agriculture areas. (open)

Radiation burden in microfocus radiography

Dose rate measurements of unused X-radiation show that taking of X-images in 1 meter away from focal spot by means of "PARDUS" microfocus complexes enables to keep the personnel in the safety conditions (open).

The method of X-image information estimation

The article describes the method of objective appraisal of shadow X-images. The method enables to compare images of the same objects taken by means of different systems and in different image taking conditions (open).

The method of the absorbed radiation dose calculation

The article describes the method of absorbed radiation dose calculation. The patient receives the dose during radiodiagnostical research. The method is based on testing of the spectral density of a flux of radiation in front of an organ that is under the consideration and after that (open).

The small X-radiation sources

The article gives specifications of the small low-power X-radiation sources which are worked out and produced by the company. Their constructional and operating characteristics are observed in the article (open).

The method of small-sized and pieces control

There is a description of the method of small-sized end pieces control (flanges, tube ends etc.) using X-radiation sources based on the microfocus X-tube with the hollow anode taken out (open).

Quality control of double seams for cans

There is a description of the method of a can double seam control using microfocus X-radiation sources. In comparison with other known methods this method ensures the best trustworthiness of the analysis and cost-effectiveness (open).

X-radiation microfocus sources of on unsoldered tubes

The article gives results that make possible to affirm that many modern X-ray microscopy tasks that are in present solved by means of stationary microfocus X-radiation sources can be successfully solved using simpler, cheaper and more convenient X-radiation sources based on unsoldered tubes (open).

The method of intraoral radiology

The intraoral radiology that is developing in present enables to receive a composite picture of the dentition. However, the enlargement of different teeth images can differ. The method introduced in the article enables to overcome this disadvantage (open).

Radiation burden in microfocus radiography

There are new data about dose burden to patients and to medical staff during X-ray diagnosis carrying out using low-power microfocus X-radiation sources (open).