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Multi-Purpose Mobile X-Ray Diagnostic Installation PRDU


Equipment for X-ray inspection is used in many fields of industry and in agriculture, as it allows to obtain reliable information about the internal structure and the presence of hidden defects and damages of various in structure and purpose of objects.

Detailed technical characteristics, documents , examples of X-rays are presented on the appropriate tabs of this page.

Fields of application of the X-ray control unit PRDU

The X-ray inspection system is used in agriculture for:

  • determining the quality of forage and food grains;
  • control of the germination of seeds of vegetable and cereals;
  • research of seedlings of fruit trees, grapes, berry bushes.
  • radiography shows hidden grain defects - micro damages by insect pests, cracks, mechanical defects, internal germination. In gardening and viticulture, the process of growing the rootstock and grafting is monitored with the help of the PRDU-02 installation, and hidden damage to the seedlings is determined.
  • in the food industry, the X-ray diagnostic device PRDU is used for non-destructive X-ray quality control in the production of meat, fish, vegetable and fruit preserves - with its 100% accuracy, the tightness and quality of the seaming joints are monitored.
  • in the electronics industry, X-ray inspection of products is used to assess the quality of both finished and at various stages of the production process.
  • in criminology and forensic examination, the PRDU device performs an X-ray analysis of objects from the crime scene for the presence of foreign microparticles, allows to determine the causes of the fire.
  • in airports and at various points of customs control, X-ray units are an element of the inspection systems.

Complication and advantages of the PRDU

The multipurpose unit for X-ray diagnostics of PRDU consists of the following main components:

  • X-ray apparatus of the RAP series (can be supplied in various designs depending on the intended purpose);
  • digital system of computer radiography;
  • X-ray protection camera for safe work on radiography.

X-ray control PRDU-02 can be in different configurations: in addition, special devices are provided for positioning the research objects (they vary depending on the intended purpose of the installation), and it is also possible to equip the operator's workplace.

Compared with other equipment for X-ray inspection, the PRDU has the following advantages:

  • the possibility of controlling several dozens of objects (grains);
  • detection of defects, the size of which is estimated in tens and even units of micrometers.


The main technical characteristics of X-ray systems PRDU

Power supply of X-ray machine ~ 220V/50Hz (AC)
Overall dimensions 600х600х800 mm,
600х600х1200 mm,
800х800х2000 mm,
800х1200х800 mm
Dimensions of the working X-ray camera 500х400х500 mm,
500х500х800 mm,
750х750х1000 mm,
750х1100х750 mm
Doorway of the working X-ray camera univalve, bivalve
Location of X-ray source internal
Possibility of installing the X-ray radiation source on the mobile devices and tripods   existence
The maximum anode voltage, depending on the purpose of the systems 30 kV, 50 kV, 100 kV, 150 kV 
The maximum deviation of the anode voltage, depending on the purpose of the systems  0.1%, 0.5%, 1% 
The anode current range depending on the application of the systems  0.02 - 5 mA 
Step adjustment of the anode current depending on the anode voltage  0.005 mA, 0.01 mA, 0.1 mA 
The maximum deviation of the anode current, depending on the purpose of the systems  0.5%, 1%, 5% 
The range of focal spot sizes depending on the application of the systems  0.03х0.03 mm, 0.05х0.05 mm, 0.1х0.1 mm, 0.5х0.5 mm 
Modes of operation  intermittent, longtime, continuous 
The time to working mode depending on the application of the systems  0.05 - 10 sec  
The range of powers on the anode of X-ray tube, depending on the purpose of the systems  2 - 150 W  
Control of the power, the operating mode and the exposure time  existence 
Variants of the target of X-ray tube   massive side, a massive panoramic, transmitting
X-ray exit angle  directed - 40°х60°,30°х30°, panoramic - 160°  
Filtering of X-rays  the equivalent of Al - 2mm 
Variants of the cooling system  forced air, water 
High-voltage insulation is X-ray source  solid-state, oily, combination 
Management of parameters of X-ray source   manual, software, remote, the ability to sync with visualization systems and actuators
Communication with the computer  RS-232  
Possible X-ray system of registration  X-ray film, system with fotostimulated luminophor, semiconductor sensors, electronic panel 

 Mobile X-ray diffraction systems PRDU have a high level of operational reliability, stability of parameters throughout the operating range, adjustable modes for the specific tasks. The system freed from the control of the bodies of FEZ and registration of licenses for use in scientific and industrial purposes.