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Power supply Stabist-50


High-voltage power supplies of X-ray tubes

Small-sized high-voltage power supplies in portable design are intended to power X-ray tubes series BSV, BHV, BPM, BPV etc.

Basic characteristics of power supplies

The construction of the power supply for the X-ray tube generally provides:

  • selection, installation and stabilization of the set value of the output voltage;
  • selection, installation and stabilization of the set value of the heating current of the X-ray tube;
  • automatic blocking of work (turn off the power supply in the case of:

    - reducing the water pressure in the water cooling system;

    - opening the door of the X-ray protection box;

    - exceeding the permissible load;

    - exceeding permissible temperature of main elements of the power scheme;

    - exceeding permissible temperature of the anode of the X-ray tube;

    - spontaneous disconnection of the load (resistance) from the supply.)

  • the output parameters of the source can be controlled remotely from an external PC.


The electrical circuit is equipped with a network filter to exclude the influence of the electrical network parameters on the operation of the power supply.

The controls for indicating the operating parameters of the source are placed on the front side. The process of entering the operating mode of the supply is accompanied by an additional light and sound indication.

To connect the source to the X-ray tube and control system on an external PC, standard connectors and interfaces are used: Claymount connector (CA11-mini), USB or RS232.








Main characteristics of power supply

Parameter Value
Outer voltage 50 kV
Outer power 0,5 kW
Outer current max 10 mA
Instability of output voltage not more than 0,5%
Environmental conditions from +10оС to +40оС
Case RACK 2U
Power supply ~220 V/50 Hz
Power consumption not more than 1 kW
Оverall dimensions apparatus (LxWxH) 750 х 490 х 92 mm
Weight no less than 35 kg