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Microfocus X-ray Tomograph


Microfocus X-ray computed tomograph is designed for tomographic studies of various objects with high spatial resolution. The original software for obtaining projection data, tomographic reconstruction and three-dimensional visualization of our own design allows us to quickly and with high quality analyze objects with characteristic sizes from hundredths of a millimeter to several hundred mm. Detailing of the resulting image is up to 5 microns.

The basic design of the tomograph allows you to place it directly at the workplace. Safety when working with a tomograph is confirmed by an expert opinion of the Federal State Budget Institution NIIRG named after P.V. Ramzayev (the power of the ambient dose dose equivalent does not exceed 1.0 μSv / h).

According to their diagnostic capabilities, tomograph is not inferior to the most modern foreign stationary x-ray control systems. However, due to the use of original technical solutions and the main components of domestic production, their cost is fundamentally lower.

As a result, the stationary X-ray control system has turned into a desktop radiography tool, like a tester well-known to all experts and hobbyists for measuring the parameters of electronic circuits, parameters of the electric network, etc.



You can find some tomographic findings here.