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X-ray sources of RI series


X-ray sources of RI series as a component of a separate X-ray system or X-ray diagnostic complex are intended for solution of wide range of tasks in different areas such as industry X-radiation and special control, medical diagnostic and therapy and also during researches.

The X-ray tube with the generating plant of monoblock type sources are in the same case – in the monoblock. The solid-state compound is used as high-voltage isolation. In some constructions a liquid dielectric is used for it. Turning on and off, choice of X-image operation conditions are made by use of external devices.

Sources of this series are constructed on the base of the three-electrode microfocus glass-to-steal X-ray-tube with taken away anode of the BC series («Svetlana-Rentgen», Saint Petersburg). Radiation can go out forward against the longitudinal axis of the tube, back, sideways, pointedly or in the panoram way for implementation I, it can go through the one of side walls. The additional X-tube electronic beam focusing (in implementation I) is made by means of the outer magnetic (electromagnetic) focusing system.

The main technical characteristics of the X-ray sources of RI series

Parameter Model I Model II Model III
Power supply of the X-ray sources of RI series ~ 220V/50Hz (AC); – 48 V (DC)
Anode voltage range depending on the application of device, kV 20-50 50-100 100-150
The range of powers on the anode of X-ray tube, depending on the purpose of the systems, W* to 7,5 to 10 to 100
Focal spot size less than, mm * 0,02 0,05
Modes of operation * intermittent
Power consumption, W 50 60 less than 300
Оverall dimensions apparatus (LxWxH), mm 290х200х120 283х158х215
Weight of the X-ray sources of RI series, kg 3,0 16

 * - time of an exposition and power on the anode of a x-ray tube depend on the sizes of a focal spot.