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«ELTECH-Med», company (until 1999 the Small-scale enterprise «ELTECH») was founded on the base of X-ray and Electron-Beam Devices Department of Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute («LETI») in 1991. Since 2001 «ELTECH-Med», company has been one of the founders of Russian X-ray Technique producers association. In 2002 «ELTECH-Med», became a part of Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (ETU «LETI») industrial park.

The main field of the company is development and manufacture of small micro- and sharp-focus X-radiation sources and complexes on its basis which are intended for industrial radiography, diagnostic and research studies, including creation of digital X-ray TV units.

«ELTECH-Med», company consists of

Nowadays priority lines of company’s researches are:

The company has its own industrial and technological X-ray complexes assembly area and long-standing scientific, technical and commercial connections with Russian leaders of X-ray tube production. It enables to carry out almost all the tasks of modern X-radiography creating the equipment in compliance with individual demands of our customers.

All the products are granted a complete pack of permissions: sanitary-and-epidemiologic reports, registration certificates, conformance certificates.

Certain samples of our production were repeatedly awarded by medals and diplomas of Russian and international exhibitions.

Among the most known developments we can name X-ray complexes "PARDUS" for diagnostic and X-ray sources RAP for industrial radiation and research.

In 2010 the X-examination mobile complex "PARDUS-Stoma" was awarded to the grand prize of Saint Petersburg Technical Fair as the best innovative product of the year.International.
The company’s activities are still inseparably connected with Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» (ETU).

Besides researchers and developments an important company’s field is a participation in the personnel training in such ETU specialties as 200300 «Electronics and Microelectronics» and 05.27.02 «Vacuum and Plasma Electronics».

This field includes modernization and formulation of new lecture courses, the laboratory and practical lesson holding, help in the graduation works creation. Special attention is paid to the renewal of the Electronic Devices department (EPU) laboratory base.

Yearly ETU students undergo technological and pregraduation practical training in the company, write yearly projects and graduation projects, prepare for the bachelor’s and master’s dissertations.
Themes for most of graduation projects, the bachelor’s and master’s dissertations are the most interesting tasks solved during researches carrying out by the company.

The recognition token of company’s achievements in modern X-ray complexes development is the organization of the educational and scientific X-ray TV laboratory jointly with ETU. The order was signed by ETU in 2003.