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Diffracting system PRDU KROS


The specialized system is intended for research of the material X-ray structure analysis using method of reverse shooting. The main area of the system use is a control of single-crystal items made of heatproof nickel alloy during production of gas-turbine engine blades.

The system includes an X-ray protective chamber, a powerful X-radiation source, a removable digital system of diffraction picture visualization and a coordinate table with pattern holder.

Outside the X-ray protective chamber there is a remote console with X-radiation source and a laser reader for visualization system.

A special package of computer programs has been worked out for difractogram edition.

To measure disorientation of the fragments in monocrystalline turbine blades the devices based on Laue method are developed for several decades. A mobile x-ray system PRDU "KROS" for rapid control of orientation of cubic crystals with a symmetrical geometry of back-reflection Laue patterns provides a complete determination of the orientation parameters. The computerized system identifies the reflexes on the back Laue pattern, measures their coordinates, and transforms the back reflection Laue pattern into the stereogram.

The initial combination of experimental stereogram with the fragment of theoretical one is usually performed in an interactive mode. Precise alignment of stereo-patterns is automated, which improves the reproducibility of the results. To calculate the orientation matrix the computer system used all the reflexes found in the diffraction pattern. Disorientation is resented in the form of a single rotation angle of the diffraction lattice and HKL indexes of the rotation axis. PRDU "KROS" mobile X-ray system are successfully used in the aviation industry of the Russian Federation for more than four years.


Mobile X-ray diffraction systems PRDU "CROS" have a high level of operational reliability, stability of parameters throughout the operating range, adjustable modes for the specific tasks. The system freed from the control of the bodies of FEZ and registration of licenses for use in scientific and industrial purposes.

Detailed technical characteristics, documents , examples of X-rays are presented on the appropriate tabs of this page.

The main technical characteristics of the PRDU "CROS"

Parameter Value
Power supply of X-ray machine ~ 220V/50Hz (AC) 
Power consumption up to 0,5 kV 
Overall dimensions 600 х 600 х 800 
Dimensions of the working X-ray camera 500 х 400 х 500
Doorway of the working X-ray camera bivalve  
Location of X-ray source internal
Adjust the vertical position of the X-ray source electromechanical 
The accuracy of the position of X-ray source ±0,2 mm 
The maximum anode voltage 30 kV 
Step adjusting the anode voltage 1 kV 
The maximum deviation of the anode voltage 0,1% 
Maximum anode current 5 mА 
Step adjustment of the anode current 0,1 mA
The maximum deviation of the anode current 0,5% 
The size of the focal spot 0,1 х 0,1 
Modes of operation intermittent, longtime, continuous 
The time to working mode 15 sec 
Maximum power on the anode of X-ray tube at presence the cooling system 150 W  
Control of the power, the operating mode and the exposure time existence 
The anode of X-ray tube massive 
X-ray exit angle side, directional - 10 ° 
Material of X-ray tube output window W, Mo, Cu, Co, Fe, Cr, V, Ti  
Indicator of X-ray Center existence 
Alignment axes system X-Y / precision of alignment system existence /±0,1 mm 
X-ray collimator existence 
The diameter of the radiation field after the collimator not more than Ø 0,5 mm 
Cooling system compulsory water 
High-voltage insulation is X-ray source solid-state 
Management of parameters of X-ray source manual, software, remote, the ability to sync with visualization systems and actuators 
Communication with the computer  RS-232  
Possible X-ray system of registration  X-ray film, system with fotostimulated luminophor, semiconductor sensors, electronic panel