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St. Petersburg
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  Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» (ETU) (Saint-Petersburg) - Joint researches in X-radiation physics.
  «Diagnostika M», corporation (Moscow) - Joint development and production of microfocus sources and complexes for X-ray defectoscopy.
  Moscow State institute of radio engineering, electronics and automatics (Moscow) - Joint development and creation of X-ray diagnosis equipment prototypes.
  Military Medical Academy (Saint Petersburg) - Joint development of medical X-ray equipment.
  Moscow State University of Medicine and Stomatology (Moscow) - Clinical trials of equipment, joint researches in medical X-ray diagnosis.
  All-Russian Scientific, Research and Testing Institute for Medical Devices (Moscow) - Joint researches.
  Research and Testing institute for radiation hygiene (Saint Petersburg) - Researches of radiation burden to the patients and the personnel, certification of medical devices.
  Azimut Med Group («Azimut») (Saint Petersburg) - Joint production of X-ray complexes.
  «Electron» (Saint Petersburg) - Joint researches in medical X-ray diagnosis.
  AMICO, company (Moscow) - Production of X-ray complexes for stomatology
  Laboratory «Foton» (Tomsk) -Development and production of powerful X-ray equipment.

In 2001 The Association of X-ray systems manufactures and developers was formed for successful implementation of various expensive projects in X-ray diagnosis. Main members of Association are «Diagnostika M», «ELTECH-Med», «Foton» (Tomsk).