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X-ray apparatus RAP-120


 RAP series devices are intended for X-ray flaw detection, non-destructive testing, quality assessment of electronic industry and metallurgy products, art objects, archaeological sites, as well as for baggage inspection in order to ensure transport safety. Devices can be used as part of specialized portable or stationary x-ray installations, the design of which provides protection against unused x-ray radiation.
The devices work with all types of visualization systems, for example:
- X-ray films;
- X-ray sensitive CCDs;
- systems based on screens with a photostimulated phosphor;
- Static and dynamic flat panel detectors.

The main technical characteristics of X-ray apparatus RAP-120

Weight without source of power, kg 4,5
The anode current range depending on the application of the systems, mA 0,5
The size of the focal spot, mm 0,5х0,5
Anode voltage range depending on the application of device, kV 120
Power supply of X-ray machine 220 V / 50 Hz or 24 V
Power consumption, W 120
Minimum focal length, mm 40
The time to working mode, sec 60
Overall dimensions, mm 250 х 210 х 90