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X-ray apparatus RAP-200M


Microfocus X-ray apparatus RAP-200M is designed to produce highly detailed X-ray images in the industry. A feature of the apparatus are small size of the focal spot of X-ray tube, allowing to carry out research on traditional methods, and methods with direct geometric increase of the image, which greatly increases the information content of X-ray images.

• X-ray apparatus (monobloc);
• Remote control (with external button external trigger if necessary);
• Connecting cable length 10 meters.


With the help of the remote control is performed on and off the device, selection, installation and indication of modes of operation, the output of the self-diagnosis results. It is also possible to control the work of the apparatus from an external computer.

The main technical characteristics of X-ray apparatus RAP-200M

Anode voltage range depending on the application of device, kV 40-200
The anode current range depending on the application of the systems, mA 0,1-0,8
The range of focal spot sizes depending on the application of the systems, mm 0,01х0,07
Modes of operation intermittent, longtime continuous
Power supply of X-ray machine 220 V / 50 Hz 
Power consumption, W 250
Weight, kg 6,0
Overall dimensions, mm 340 х 180 х 120