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Mobile X-ray diagnostical complex "PARDUS-Stoma"


The portable complex "PARDUS-Stoma" is intended for stomatology and oral surgery diagnostic in transient conditions. The complex enables to take direct X-ray images of separate teeth and areas of a jaw. In case of using of the X-ray tube with reverse radiation output and special device for image visualization it’s possible to take a panoram image of the dentitions.

The complex includes the portable X-ray system "PARDUS-R" and a digital imaging system on CCD base.

The X-image is displayed on a PC screen.


Download information on the x-ray apparatus "PARDUS-R" here


The main technical characteristics of the x-ray complex "PARDUS-Stoma"

Voltage, kV 55-65
Current (average), mA 0,15*
Focal spot size less than, mm 0,2*
Mode of the device intermittent cycle
Exposure time range, s 0,1-0,3**
Weight of the apparatus, kg 2,1
Weight of the x-ray complex, kg 10

* - the smallest value in comparison with competitors.
** -exposure time during the work with digital devices of visualization. For work with a x-ray film it can be increased.