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X-ray apparatus "PARDUS-R" for veterinary


X-ray apparatus «PARDUS-R» can be used in veterinary medicine. It enables to take high-quality plain films of animals and enlarged X-ray images of body parts and organs. It significantly increases efficiency of X-examination.

Additional advantages:
- warranty period - 2 years
- technical support: the replacement apparatus at the time of diagnostics
- possibility of developing additional shooting modes
- possibility of using the apparatus in other areas of medicine

Distinctive features of the device:
- extremely light weight, compact size, comfortable streamlined shape of apparatus
- internal protection emitter to reduce radiation exposure to patients and staff
- operation with various digital imaging systems
- more than 250 pictures per charge

Package contents of X-ray apparatus "PARDUS-R":
- portable X-ray apparatus "PARDUS-R";
- battery charger / AC power supply;
- user's Guide, Passport, Special instruction.
Additional equipment:
- radiovisiograph / CR-system;
- software;
- high-impact carrying case;
- x-ray protective aprons for pet owner and staff;
- the notebook.

The main technical characteristics of the apparatus "PARDUS-R"
 The range of the high voltage, kV 55-65
 Anode current (average), mA  0,15*
 Focal spot size less than, mm  0,2*
 Exposure time, sec  0,1-0,3**
 The minimum number of snapshots with a fully charged battery  250
 Weight of the apparatus, kg  2,1

* - the smallest value in comparison with competitors.
** -exposure time during the work with digital devices of visualization. For work with a x-ray film it can be increased.