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X-ray diagnostical complex "PARDUS-Zoo"


The "PARDUS-Zoo" is the first domestic mictofocus X-ray complex for veterinary. It enables to take high-quality plain films of animals and enlarged X-ray images of body parts and organs. It significantly increases efficiency of X-examination.

The complex includes an X-ray system of "PARDUS" series, a remote console, a special tripod, a table for animals, and the X-image visualization system on the photostimulated luminosphore base.


Voltage, kV 50-135
Current (average), mA 0,15
Focal spot size less than, mm 0,2
Mode of the device intermittent cycle
Exposure time range, s 0,5-9,9
Оverall dimensions apparatus (LxWxH), mm 345х120х180
Type of recording system CR-35 Med
Size of the sensitive area до 300*400
Weight of the apparatus, kg 5,1